The Monetary Benefits of Running Your Startup from a Co-working Space

September 25, 2019

Co-working spaces are hip, fun and consist of passionate, creative people with exciting, innovative ideas. But most importantly for startups, the monetary benefit can save you from paying too much for a working space.


Here are 5 monetary benefits of running your startup from a co-working space:

  1. More Affordable Office Space Co-working spaces, which charge a membership fee, may mean substantial savings over traditional office space. A conventional “Ruko” in Jakarta, which are normally also used as office space, would cost from 50-80 million Rupiah per month. Sure, you get the 2 storey building for yourself. But do you really need that much space at the beginning of your journey? On the contrary, co-working spaces would save you 85%-95% off the cost of renting a conventional “Ruko”. When starting up a business, make sure that any capital that you have would not go to any waste.

  2. Strategic Location Most co-working spaces are located at very strategic locations in the city. Co-working space can provide a way in to expensive, in-demand spaces in prime areas that new small businesses otherwise might not be able to afford. Indeed, value for money.

  3. Flexibility and Scalability Most shared office spaces offer month-to-month memberships, compared to traditional office leases, which lock you in for years. Since you pay a monthly or annual membership for a shared office, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. If your business expands or contracts, you can add or remove space as needed.

  4. Free Amenities Internet and electricity are included. You will also get free flow of water, coffee, tea, and at some places, free flow of booze… did we just mention free flow of booze?

  5. Networking Opportunities Getting in touch with other like-minded people, sharing insights, being able to get referred for a potential business deal. These are opportunities that are not easy to get, and may require you to pay quite a sum of money. With all the above monetary benefits, getting the networking opportunities definitely worth the membership fee.


If you are looking to save some money you need to run your startup, getting an office space at a co-working space would definitely be the best choice. A word of advice would be to check out the space first or join a trial session before you commit with a membership. Calculate whether the fee works with your budget.

And the best part, sometimes you may be able to negotiate depending on your budget!

Written by Danny Widodo (KONSAATO)