Hasil yang baik terbuat dari hal kecil yang kamu lakukan setiap harinya. Kebiasaan atau habit lah yang akan menentukan siapa dirimu dan apa yang dapat kamu gapai di masa depan.

Coworking spaces are surely something special these days. The journey of an entrepreneur can be quite a lonely, especially when you’re bootstrapping from the ground up by yourself. At a coworking space, you are surrounded by diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a share and communal setting. Each is unique and have different stories to share, in which could benefit you in the short and long term.

Let’s get the fact straight: launching a tech startup is definitely not easy. Let alone starting one in a developing country like Indonesia. There are various factors that one need to consider before putting 100 percent commitments into your startup. First thing that comes to mind is how and where do you start off. Here are the 5 things you should do to start a tech startup in Indonesia:

Co-working spaces are hip, fun and consist of passionate, creative people with exciting, innovative ideas. But most importantly for startups, the monetary benefit can save you from paying too much for a working space. Group is Hiring!

There are plenty of indications that the topic of women in tech, in particular, is gaining traction in the region’s startup ecosystem. There are many female role models these days in tech. At a panel session in Freeware Spaces, 3 amazing female entrepreneur shared with the audience on how they started their journey, as well as sharing tips to aspiring techpreneurs.